Bella Vita Custom Homes Company Profile

The English Romantic Poet John Keats said, “The point of diving into a lake is not immediately to swim to shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out; it is an experience beyond thought.”


At Bella Vita Custom Homes, we understand what it means to luxuriate in a perfectly designed and crafted home. With our masterful, open areas for entertaining; legendary libraries; and brilliant owner’s retreats, few can compete with our collective expertise.

Since its beginnings, Bella Vita Custom Homes and Bella Vita Custom Remodeling has maintained a reputation of integrity, honesty, and superb quality. We hold the company-wide mission to under-promise and over-deliver to our customers. Clear communication paired with exact construction deliverables has earned us unmatched respect in the marketplace.

Our sophisticated construction process sets us apart in our market. When matching affluent customers with complex construction detail, world-class process is essential. The partners at Bella Vita have done significant research to understand and develop the most efficient custom homebuilding process available today. In the process of building a multi-million-dollar estate, efficiency saves substantial interest expense—an advantage that greatly benefits our customers. Our construction team has worked tirelessly to hand-pick the finest subcontractors, suppliers, and artists to ensure that each home is built with great skill and quality materials.

Our seasoned sales team has collectively sold over $77 million in custom homes. Our main goal in our modest approach is simple—to listen to our customers. We pride ourselves in patience and integrity in the sales process, an attribute that is a rarity among most professions in the sales arena. Allowing our customers to buy according to their timeline is a value we treasure. There is nothing worse than being rushed into making a purchase.

For most buyers, closing costs can be a large financial burden. Bella Vita’s multifaceted management team is proficient in negotiating with lenders and title organizations on your behalf. We continually push ourselves to create the most value for our customers. While you may build a few custom homes in your time, we build hundreds. We take seriously our role as your advocate. We have partnered with select lenders and title organizations to deliver the most competitive offers to your doorstep.

Bella Vita Custom Homes understands that building a custom home is one of the most significant financial decisions you and your family will ever make. We are committed to listening attentively, working hard, and adding true value through our collective expertise and passion. Build with Bella Vita Custom Homes and experience the sensation of Living Beautifully.